House Flipper Android APK

Welcome to House Flipper, a simulator of home repair and resell business! The houses that we buy for the purpose of a subsequent bargain sale, which is seen as the most delicious part of the game, are different: from completely dead to those that simply give glitz due to new furniture and decor. In the most complete form, the work on the purchased house includes ‘clearing the rubble’, and installing new plumbing with wiring, and selling some furniture, and buying a new one in its place – so that the interior looks harmonious. Sales of furniture, by the way, is another purely game conditionality: we point to a sofa ‘futuristic annihilator’, we click – and, there is no sofa, and our purse is replenished. And the book value of the house decreased accordingly: we guarantee to potential buyers ‘all turnkey’, not half-empty rooms. Just at this point there are some questions and comments.

Pumping skills and tools, expanding the range of furniture, step by step installation of a washstand – all this is understandable, all this and that works, in principle, not bad, let perfection and there is no limit. But the algorithms for calculating the value of the house, in which we temporarily host, I would like to be more understandable, transparent and at the same time smart. I would like the AI ​​to calculate the beauty of the created interior, even if it is through some basic indicators of compatibility (colors, styles of furniture). That even the curtains on the windows and the vase- accessory influence the cost – not mechanically, because there is, but from the position of its general relevance (in a specific interior). This is important, because in this case, our repair and real estate activities in House Flipper will be truly creative, without which interest in the game will, most likely, wane very quickly.