House Flipping Game

A lot of things the virtual entertainment industry offered us, but to try on the role of a person who earns by buying old houses, bringing them to mind, selling them and having an income from that, is something new. Yes, we were offered to equip housing earlier – yes even in The Sims. But hand in a mop and a paint roller or rebuild housing is not in two or three clicks, and hammer on the wall – no, this is not exactly remember. It’s not that you need to choose not only a furniture set, but also install a toilet in the bathroom.

The fact is that in House Flipper it’s not enough to buy a toilet bowl (radiator, wall paint, tile), then click a little to where it should be installed and see the result obtained. The game really tries to simulate repairs, that is, our direct and direct participation in the performance of some basic set of actions: screw it, then this, and then connect that pipe, and then this one too.

The main advantage of the game, according to the plan of the developers, is reliability, realism from the category of ‘as in life.’ In general, it is used very even competently, but we must not forget that there is always a joker on the trump card. Okay, cleaning up the garbage that is dematerialized by clicking, as well as pieces of broken during the redevelopment of walls – to load trash into a cart and run around with it between the house and garbage cans would indeed be foolish. But here, for example, the need to move furniture to gain access to the outlet that needs to be changed, or to the radiator, which can often be installed without shifting furniture, but now it’s no longer possible to mount it, twisting it up and down. As you can see, there is a lot of work put into House Flipper, and you will definitely appreciate this simulator once you try it! See if you will be able to succeed in the house flipping business!