Home Flipper

Repairing houses is not an easy task, even if it’s only a virtual simulator. You’ll have a chance to convince yourself in that thought while playing House Flipper. This awesome game allows you to buy and renovate old houses in a pitiful condition and give them a new life. You are about to do all the work around the building. The first thing you have to do is take out the garbage. Then you need to clean up. Some installments and repairing is also required. For instance, you may need to fix wall outlet or change a water tap. Don’t worry, there are all the tools necessary for activities like that. You’ll figure out what to do and the game will also clue you in on things that need to be done here and there. But this isn’t the most fascinating part. You’ll also play the role of an interior designer. You’ll get to paint the walls, mount the floors, choose furniture and place it around the rooms. The catalogue of available decor is pretty wide, you’ll definitely get to pick the items that suit you. Once the job is complete, the house will go on sale. You will earn a certain amount of money that can be spent to buy other pieces of estate and getting them back into shape as well. There is nothing like a freshly repaired house and you’ll see it with your own eyes after renovating your first home in House Flipper! Try this amazing simulator and share your impressions!