Home Simulator

If you always dreamed of building your own house, this app is just for you! You are about to become the owner of a house repairing business. Your goal is buying old destroyed houses and renew them by making all possible amendments. Fix everything that needs to be fixed, change the wall color, buy some new furniture and turn an old shabby building into a new, shiny condominium! You can perform a variety of actions with a wide range of tools offered to you. If you have a designer’s touch in you, this game will be especially appealing for you. The developers don’t limit you in your responsibilities. If you prefer engineering work, you can focus on installation and reconstruction. If you’d rather outfit the ready apartment, there are plenty of decent-looking houses for you to purchase that simply need a bit of refreshing. But your work doesn’t end there. You also need to sell the house at a profit. The more cash you earn the more old houses you can buy to renovate them too and expand your real estate business. Institute your house flipping empire and make a fortune reshaping buildings that seem to be beyond repair!