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It takes great effort to build a house and even more effort to rebuild one. Try your forces at the home renovation business, buy old buildings from all over the country and change them beyond recognition! You have to do a good job to make a shabby house look attractive for potential buyers. Many of them will take a great deal of time and thinking to put into a decent shape. You’ll have to combine the roles of an engineer, plumber, electrician and interior designer. There is noone else to take care of this stuff, but you’ll be helped by in-game tips. You have a wide selection of tools at your disposal and access to a great catalogue of furniture and decor that can be used to give the house a new face. Depending on the results of your endeavors the price can go up or down. The whole thing is solely on you and it’s only up to you whether the house will be a hot sell on the real estate market. With House Flipper, you’ll become an expert in home renovation and will possibly be able to use all the knowledge gained while attending to your own home!